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What is the ICT sector?

The ICT sector continues to transform our economy and everyday life. Core industries in the ICT sector include:

  • TV, Video and Movie Production: telecommunications, cable/broadband, broadcasting and other kinds of distribution systems.
  • Digital Media and Publishing: web design, computer animation, graphic design, and publishing.
  • Software Systems and Gaming: computer programming, computer and video gaming, simulations, and data management.
  • Robotics and Computer Engineering: computer engineering, technical support, electronics, robotics and network engineering.

Any of the above areas may include a range of activities dealing with design and development, sales and marketing, security, training, maintenance and repair. Students enrolled in the Information and Communication Technology Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) will be involved in today's rapid and exciting changes in technology and will help pave the way to new and emerging media and technologies in the years to come.

Employment Opportunities

The ICT sector has undergone a 30% growth since 2001 (Toronto Region Research Alliance), and it is expected that another 106,000 positions will be created between 2011 and 2016 (Outlook for Human Resources in the ICT Labour Market 2011-2016). The Conference Board of Canada has indicated that Canada will be facing major shortages of skilled workers by 2020, and that this represents an excellent opportunity for youth entering the workforce. Individuals with the right training and skills are already in short supply, resulting in an unemployment rate that is less than half the national average in 2011 (Monthly Labour Force Study).

The following graph shows that, for the majority of IT-related professions, the supply of skilled graduates is often drastically less than the demand from industry:

ICT Supply_Demand

Toronto Region Research Alliance 
Research and Innovation Jobs: Opportunities and challenges in the Toronto Region Labour Market, 2012. p 22

In addition to being an "in-demand" job market, ICT sector jobs have the potential to be very well-paid:

ICT Average_Pay

 Toronto Region Research Alliance 
Research and Innovation Jobs: Opportunities and challenges in the Toronto Region Labour Market, 2012. p 23

The ICT SHSM program at David and Mary Thomson provides students with the background, skills, and opportunities to distinguish themselves and take advantage of this emerging jobs market.

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Reminders for SHSM Graduates

A reminder to SHSM students who are in a position to graduate at the end of this year to check with Ms. Takas (H&W) or Mr. Wires (ICT) to ensure that all of your certifications, volunteer hours, and reach ahead experiences have been properly documented and recorded so that you can graduate with your SHSM seal.

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