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The following resources include several useful tables and charts for tracking your progress through the SHSM program.

Sector-Recognized Training Activities

This is a document to help you keep track of your Reach Ahead activities, Experiential Learning opportunities, and the Ontario Skills Passport. It is the students' responsibility to ensure that they have a record of activities they have completed, and that these are properly recorded in guidance.

Certification Tracking Sheet

This document provides a sheet for you to track your completion of the three (3) mandatory certifications, and the three (3) or more elective certifications you have completed as a part of the SHSM program. As with other non-credit activities, students are responsible for maintaining their own record of success in certification courses. Use the plastic covers at the back of this booklet to keep your certificates safe.

SHSM Graduation Summary

This chart outlines all of the requirements of the ICT SHSM program on one page. Check off the requirements as you achieve them to ensure that you remain on track to graduate with your Red Seal Designation.

Course Codes Quick Reference

This document provides the course names for common course codes used in this document. It can be helpful when planning your course selections, or seeing which courses you have already completed towards achieving your Red Seal.

Use these resources to keep track of your progress.

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Reminders for SHSM Graduates

A reminder to SHSM students who are in a position to graduate at the end of this year to check with Ms. Takas (H&W) or Mr. Wires (ICT) to ensure that all of your certifications, volunteer hours, and reach ahead experiences have been properly documented and recorded so that you can graduate with your SHSM seal.

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