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When planning for future years, students should take care to consider course prerequisites, particularly at the grade 12 level. Most of the courses included in the SHSM package have both a grade 11 and grade 12 option, and students taking the grade 12 course are often required to have previously passed the grade 11 course as required preparation.

Co-operative Education

Every SHSM student must take a minimum of two (2) credits in co-op, but may choose any of the following options:

  • Co-op (COOP2 or COOP4): You may either take the 2 or 4 credit co-op options, offered at our school.
  • Dual Credit Co-op (DUALCR): Dual credit courses are co-op courses that include a traditional co-op placement paired with a general sciences credit delivered by staff at a partner-college. Students who successfully complete the college program receive an elective credit from the college where the course was taken. In addition to the 2 high school co-op credits, one more ICT-SHSM credit is awarded upon successful completion of the college course. Thus the maximum number of achievable high school credits is 3, plus 1 college credit.
Selecting Courses in the ICT SHSM
The following chart outlines the basic academic requirements of the program. It reflects the minimum requirements to keep in mind when selecting courses and planning for future years.

ICT Course_Selection

Download this chart as a printable pdf.

In addition to selecting the right courses to meet the SHSM program requirements, students must also complete certain non-credit activities in order to achieve their Red Seal.


Within the ICT SHSM specialization, students may choose to further narrow their focus to the particular field in ICT that most interests them. To that end, the SHSM program has been divided into 4 focuses or streams: TV, Video and Movie ProductionDigital Media and PublishingSoftware Systems and Gaming; and Robotics and Computer Engineering.

The particular courses suggested for each of these streams are provided in the chart below. Please note selecting a stream is not required: students may choose any combination of required courses as indicated in the course selection chart above.

These streams are provided only as suggestions for those students who want the best possible combination of courses for their specific field of interest.

 ICT Specializations

 Download this chart as a printable pdf.

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